Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Masons.lk

Q: What is masons.lk?

A: Masons.lk is a website supported by Siam City Cement Lanka as an initiative to provide a portal that will offer masons new job opportunities while at the same time offering easy recruitment opportunities to large contractors and individual house builders.

Q: How do I use masons.lk

A: First step to using masons.lk is to register yourself as a Contractor, House builder or whatever occupation you belong to and your purpose of registering yourself on the website. Then follow the steps mentioned to finding a mason. Enter the time duration that you need a mason for, districts / town that you would want him from. On entering this data, the database will filter through and only those masons fitting your requirements will be shown. You have to book the masons online, and confirm your booking. On confirmation of your booking, you will be able to see the contact numbers of the masons. You now have to physically call the masons and negotiate the terms and conditions and other details of your work requirements.

Q: How do I confirm a mason?

A: After booking a mason online, you will get access to the telephone number. You have to call and physically confirm the mason, only then will he be confirmed. Due to practical difficulties, we will not be confirming masons at this stage.

Q: If I don’t confirm a mason physically, what happens to my booking?

A: We would like you to un-book the mason on the website and book him again whenever you need to.

Q: Do I have to pay masons.lk to get the details of masons?

A: No. This is a no-charge initiative by Siam City Cement Lanka.

FAQ About Cement

What is Portland cement?

Portland cement is composed of calcium silicates and aluminate and aluminoferrite It is obtained by blending predetermined proportions limestone clay and other minerals in small quantities which is pulverized and heated at high temperature - around 1500 deg centigrade to produce 'clinker'. The clinker is then ground with small quantities of gypsum and selected mineral component to produce a fine powder called Portland Cement. When mixed with water, sand and stone, it combines slowly with the water to form a hard mass called concrete.

What is setting of cement?

When water is mixed with cement, the paste so formed remains pliable and plastic for a short time. During this period it is possible to disturb the paste and remit it without any deleterious effects. As the reaction between water and cement continues, the paste loses its plasticity. This early period in the hardening of cement is referred to as 'setting' of cement.

How fineness of cement affect strength gain?

Fineness defines the surface area of cement particles present in per unit weight, which implies that more fineness means more particles in unit weight. This enhances the reaction rate which in turn will result in faster gain of strength at earlier stages.

What is blended cement?

Blended cement is obtained by either intergrinding pozzolanic material, slag or selected limestone with clinker along with Gypsum or by blending ground pozzolana ,slag or limestone with Portland cement. They are also termed as composite cements.

Is there any shelf life of cement?

Cement is a hygroscopic material meaning that it absorbs moisture. In presence of moisture it undergoes chemical reaction termed as hydration. Therefore cement remains in good condition as long as it does not come in contact with moisture. If cement is more than three months old then it should be tested for its strength before being taken into use.

What is initial and final setting time of cement?

Initial set is when the cement paste loses its plasticity and stiffens considerably. Final set is the point when the paste hardens and can sustain some minor load. Both are arbitrary points and these are determined by Vicat needle penetration resistance.

Siam City Cement Lanka Limited shall not guarantee the workmanship of masons and shall not be liable for any activity, loss, damage or delay caused to any persons who utilize the service of the Mansons registered in the masons.lk website.